What is a Tree Risk Assessment?

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A tree risk assessment is an overall evaluation of a tree’s health and possible risks the tree or your property may face over time. Be able to address any risks that may be associated with trees can prolong your tree’s life and keep your property safe.

How can a Risk Assessment save your trees?

A Tree Risk Assessment is important to have if you are a tree owner. If you are worried or concerned about the health or safety of your trees, you should give a board-certified arborist a call.

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If you believe your trees are at risk, your board-certified arborists can let you know what risk your tree may be facing and can potentially spot and prevent any other risk before they become major problems.

Why a board-certified arborist should assess your trees

It is important to have a board-certified arborists come out to assess your trees. Board-certified arborists are trained to be proficient with a basic tree risk assessment. They understand the principles behind assessing tree risk and are trained to make judgments and recommendations on what to do if your tree is at risk.

A board-certified arborist can help you manage your trees on your property and can give you recommendations that can help reduce tree risk. Call us today to get a tree assessment so we can preserve the life of your trees for years to come.


Anglin Brothers Tree Care team is lead by an ISA Board Certified Master Arborist FL-6440B who is Tree Risk Assessment Qualified (TRAQ) and has 20+ years experience in the tree industry. We are only a call away from assisting with your tree service needs.


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