Why Cities Should Hire a Tree Preservation Consultant

by | Feb 25, 2020 | Certified Arborist, Tree Care | 0 comments

If you drove down to Bartow, FL right now and park in the golf course parking lot, you’d be met with 15+ beautiful, but mature live oaks. It would be a shame to call up a tree care company to rip any of them out of the ground before exploring other preservation options.

This isn’t the only place where you can find stunning live oaks in Polk County. There are everywhere we go and a very important aspect to our overall ecosystem. When they start looking “threatening” (sagging branches, decaying bark, etc.) its likely the first reaction is to dial up a local tree care service to come and cut three down.

This brings us to the point of this blog’s discussion: cities should hire a tree preservation consultant. Why? Here’s a few reasons why we think it would be a good idea.

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Like we’ve stated, trees are a staple in our local ecosystem. To go chopping them down every time there’s a concern would eventually be negative for our environment. For one, you’re eliminating the homes of several animals also needed for a healthy ecosystem and just in case you forgot, trees provide us with oxygen to breathe!
Tree preservation is also important for the beautification of our cities, especially the ones in central Florida. Giant live oaks are nothing but iconic for this area. If we started carelessly removing them, the beauty of our local cities would be sure to decline.

Saves money!

If we haven’t had your attention yet, I’m sure we do now. That’s right, hiring a tree preservation consultant would ultimately save money. It’s much cheaper to explore options for preservation and to see if a tree can be moved than to fire up the chainsaws to tear them down.

So not only would we preserve more beautiful neighborhoods, but we’d be saving the city money as well!

Gives environmentally-conscious voters options

It’s important to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to exercise their voice. By providing the option to elect a tree preservation consultant would make environmentally-conscious voters feel heard and understood. And because they care about the environment, they would be sure not to just elect anyone as a consultant.

Not only is it giving environmental enthusiasts a voice, but it’s also showing all voters that a city is conscientious of the neighborhoods they live in.

We’re ready to consult!

Whether it’s for all the trees in a city or a questionable one in your backyard, as board-certified master arborists, we have the knowledge needed to guide you on ways that you can preserve your trees.

So before calling someone to come rip a tree out of the ground, call us first! We’ll be happy to walk you through your preservation options.

Anglin Brothers Tree Care team is lead by an ISA Board Certified Master Arborist FL-6440B who is Tree Risk Assessment Qualified (TRAQ) and has 20+ years experience in the tree industry. We are only a call away from assisting with your tree service needs.


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