The Importance of Tree Ordinances

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Planting and removing trees in your community isn’t always as easy as it seems. Its likely the trees in your community are governed by Tree Ordinances. There are many tools people in your community can use in order to attain a healthy urban forest, one of those tools are Tree Ordinances. What are Tree Ordinances you may ask? Simply put, they provide the authorization and standards for management activities. There are three common types or categories of ordinances:

The Importance of Tree Ordinances - Anglin Brothers Tree ServiceStreet Tree Ordinances

These ordinances cover the planting or removal of trees within a public rights-of-way. A Street Tree Ordinance comes in handy where there is a tree that is growing on private property, but is beginning to pose a threat to the traveling public. If under the ordinance the tree is deemed unsafe, there are appropriate grounds for removal. Also within the Street Tree Ordinances are ordinances that govern tree planting requirements in public areas. If someone wanted to plant a tree in a parking lot, they would have to abide by the Street Tree Ordinances.

Tree Protection Ordinances

Within every community is a big, beautiful tree that has been standing for several years and holds a lot of history. Trees like this can be protected from being removed or encroached upon through Tree Protection Ordinances. If for whatever reason a historic or native tree needs to be removed, pruned or built close to a permit is required.

View Ordinances

Trees can sometimes be the source of tension between neighbors and property owners, this is where View Ordinances are helpful. More often that not View Ordinances can help clear up conflicts between property owners from trees that block views or sunlight.

Tree Ordinances Protect Our Urban Forest

As time goes on, more and more people begin to understand the value of trees within their community. Trees benefit us in a number of ways including: reducing air and noise pollution, providing shade that can save us money on energy, a home for local wildlife, improve property value and overall enhance the environment of communities. With this being said many communities have realized in order to protect and grow their valuable tree resources, it’s useful to view and manage the trees by using the guides of tree ordinances.

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