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Oh the magnificent wonder that is a Live Oak tree. If you’ve ever found yourself standing underneath a massive, widespread tree with a thick trunk and lots of shade, chances are it was a Live Oak tree (or Quercus virginiana). In fact, majority of the trees that are still standing after Hurricane Irma are Live Oak trees! If you’ve ever thought about planting one of these beauties on your property, here are some facts about Live Oaks:

Life Span

Live Oaks are capable of living for centuries, in fact most of the time, humans can’t out live the life span of a great Live Oak tree. With these trees having as long of a life span as they do, their growth rate is extremely slow. A Live Oak typically doesn’t start producing acorns until 20 years into growing. Also, it could take 70 years for the tree to reach it’s maximum trunk diameter. However, once it’s been around for quite some time, it’s hard to miss! Some of the oldest Live Oaks in our country are said to be several hundred to over thousands of years old!

Overall Size

Some of the largest crowns on a Live Oak tree can get up to 150 feet in diameter! For reference, this is almost wide enough to engulf half of a football field! On average, most of these trees only grow to be 50 feet high with a crown that spans about 80 feet (which is still a massive tree!)

Benefits of Growing Live Oak Trees

There are several benefits to planting a Live Oak on your property. For starters, a Live Oak can add up to $30,000 in value to a property! What a way to boost your property value! These trees are also capable of withstanding large amounts of wind. Having one planted near your home can serve as a great windbreak. However, before a hurricane hits, check with us on the health of your Live Oak. If the tree is dying or weak you may have an even bigger problem on your hands! Lastly, and simply put, Live Oak trees are beautiful! Having one on your property will certainly boost it’s curb appeal.

Things to Consider

Sometimes Live Oak trees can be a little messy. You won’t typically experience the messiness of one of these trees when they are young, but the older they get the more acorns they produce and moss they can hold. If you don’t like having smashed acorns on your driveway or clumps of moss in your yard you may want to consider planting a different tree.

Fun Fact!

Wood from a Live Oak is super tough and durable. The naval vessel USS Constitution was nicknamed “Old Ironsides” because the hull was made from the wood of Live Oak trees. The ship’s hull was so tough that canon balls bounced off the wooden hull during the War of 1812!

Florida Live Oak Trees - Anglin Brothers Tree Service - Central Florida

Are You Sold on Live Oak Trees?

Do you think you’d like to plant one of these amazing trees on your property? Here are somethings to remember when planting:

  • Plant at least 15-feet (or more) from your home. Remember, these are large trees and if they are planted too close to any structures you could risk having a tree growing on your house! Also you could experience root damage in your tree.
  • Make sure you plant your Live Oak in an area that gets plenty of sun! Don’t plant it close to other large trees that could shade it.
  • Trimming isn’t necessary for a young Live Oak, but it will need to be watered. These trees need proper and regular irrigation in order to reach its full potential.
  • Be sure to add top soil to the hole when you plant
  • You will need to fertilize the tree 3 times a year with top quality granular fertilizer!

If you have any questions about planting and caring for Live Oak trees, contact Anglin Brothers Tree Care today! We’d be happy to help you grow your own beautiful Live Oak for your family and many families after to cherish for years to come.

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