Accent Trees in Florida

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Accent trees are different than most other trees in that they are planted for the specific purpose of making a yard / space look great! In Florida, there are many options for accent trees for the yard. Many are small trees, but sometimes even midsize to large trees can look fancy in your yard. Accents are typically used because of their unique characteristics. These characteristics can come in the form of florals, leaf color or shape, interesting texture and growth direction. Here are some of the different kinds of accent trees you may find in a neighborhood Florida:

Columnar Trees

These accent trees look just as they sound: long, beautiful, leafy columns. Typically columnar trees are tall and skinny and grown up against a home or building. Two of the most popular columnar trees used in Florida are the Italian Cypress and False Ashoka Tree. Both trees make a great statement for the side of your home.

Pyramid Shaped Trees

Pyramid shaped accent trees (or also tear drop shaped), are some of the most widely seen accent trees in neighborhoods all over the country. Since pyramid shaped trees don’t take up too much space and grow slowly, a popular way to use them is by themselves at the corner of a home or as a garden bed anchor or even a stand-alone element in your yard. If you want to grow them in groups common uses are at driveway entries, a backdrop for flowers or even as a privacy hedge. These accent trees are relatively versatile and commonly used ones in Florida are the Arizona Cypress, Japanese blueberry, and the Southern Red Cedar.

Accent Trees in Florida - Anglin Brothers Tree Service - Central Florida

Globe Shaped Trees

Globe shaped accent trees are very similar to pyramid shaped trees in their versatility. They are great for privacy and for shade (which is always a bonus in Florida). A popular globed shaped tree is an Arborvitae tree.

Unusual Accent Trees

For those accent trees that don’t fall under the category of columnar, pyramid or globe shaped can be considered unusual. Trees like the Kopsia Holly and Fiddle Leaf Fig are larger unusual accent trees that are great for shade and their unique leaf shapes. Smaller unusual accent trees include Australian Tree Fern, Dwarf Black Olive and the Screw Pine all eye catching for their unique colors and shapes.

Plant Your Own Accent Trees!

Been itching to landscape your yard and up your curb appeal? Get some accent trees! Whether its a pyramid shaped or an unusual accent tree, having them in your yard will totally make your house more beautiful. If you have questions about caring for your accent trees, contact Anglin Brothers today!

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