Florida’s Hot Summers & 3 Ways Trees Lower Your AC Bill

Florida is known for it’s eternal hot summers, and as a result your utility bills may be taking a hit!

The summer heat tends to drive energy consumption and power bills up, but what if I told you that you could strategically plant trees to lower your bills?! Continue reading to learn more about our top 3 ways that you can use trees to lower your expensive air conditioning bill.

Did you know…

One study estimated that the net cooling effect of a young healthy tree would be equivalent to 10 room-size air conditioners running for 20 hours a day.

3 Ways Trees Can Lower Your AC Bill - Energy Conservation landscaping strategies - Anglin Brothers tree care service

Concrete and asphalt absorb heat, causing for this heat to build up and dissipate even well after dark. As a result cities tend to be several degrees warmer than the countryside. This is actually called the Heat Island Effect.

The ways you use to lower your a/c bill depend on what type of climate you live in. Florida’s climate zone would be considered “Hot and Humid.” Below you’ll find a list of strategies that you could use to help conserve energy in your home.

Energy Conservation Strategies for a Hot & Humid Climate Zone 

  1. Channel Summer Breezes toward your home and maximize summer shade with trees that still allow penetration of sunlight during the winter. Plant trees on the east, west, and northwest sides of your home to proved shade in most locations. Make sure to prune the lower branches to prevent view obstruction.
  2. Plant shade trees over patios, driveways, and central air units. Planting trees to shade your air conditioning unit will help to keep it cooler and running more efficiently.
  3. Avoid locating planting beds close to the home if they require frequent watering.

3 Ways Trees Can Lower Your AC Bill - Energy Conservation landscaping strategies - Anglin Brothers tree care service

Selecting the right tree is important, too!

Ideally, you would like to plant trees that have full foliage in the summers but lose their leaves in the winter. This way trees will provide shade and relief during the hot summer, and minimal shade during the winter months when the sun’s heat is needed more.

Strategically planting trees can save you up to 35% or more on your bills and creates a beautiful landscape for you home!

Contact us for tree service that can help YOU lower your A/C bill. We can help you find the perfect place and tree for your home!  Whether its winter or summer, trees can help you save energy at home.