What Is That Tree App – Tree Identification Guide

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Have you ever gone hiking and wondered “What is that tree?” Well… We’re happy to inform you that there’s an app for that!  Its the mobile version of the Arbor Day Foundation’s Tree Identification Guide: What is that Tree??

This app is able to identify 250+ of North America’s most common trees and features full color and accurate botanical illustrations and pictures for effortless identfication. The step by step identification method is extremely easy and is great for all kinds of tree and nature enthusiasts.

When you identify a tree you are given a detailed description which includes:

  • Hardiness zone
  • Potential height
  • Potential width
  • Leaf description
  • Flower description
  • Bark Description

The app even allows you to ping the location of the trees you identify and share the location with your friends on twitter! Arborists agree that this apps is the most efficient and accurate way for I.D.ing trees.

What Is That Tree App

What Is That Tree App, Anglin Brothers Tree Care Service, Florida Tree Care Service


What Is That Tree App, Anglin Brothers Tree Care Service, Florida Tree Care Service


Stay in the know about the trees in your area and download the app for your next hike! OR! For those of us who want to disconnect from technology, the What is that Tree app is available as a more comprehensive paperback book that you can purchase here! For more great tree apps check out our other blog post : The 5 Best Tree Care Apps!

Happy Hiking!

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