Root diseases are probably the most serious cause of disease affecting hardwood trees! Part 3 of the Diagnosis and Control Series will go over Root Diseases and how you can prevent and manage diseases from destroying your landscape!

What is Root Disease?

According to the Department of Florida Agriculture and Consumer Services….

Root rots are common on older trees, and trees which have sustained root or basal injury during construction or similar site disturbance. Most if not all root rots are aggravated by poor soil conditions (excessive moisture, poor aeration due to soil compaction, etc.).


The most common types of root disease, root decay, can be caused by a variety of fungi, several of which requires lab work for identification. Root Diseases are tree killers. Trees with extensive root rot progressively decline and eventually die in a matter of several years. In some situations, like extreme weather conditions, diseased trees may die in a matter of weeks or even days.

Controlling Root Disease

Controlling and managing root diseases is a matter of prevention. There is currently no cure for root diseases, however you can prevent root disease by avoiding root damage or injury to the lower trunk of the tree. When planting new trees, make sure that old, diseased, stumps have been removed so that there is less chance of spreading the fungal infection through the soil. Soil sterilization through the use of pesticides is also a common prevention practice.

Practicing good arboriculture is key to preventing tree disease. Consult with us and we’ll work with you to make sure your trees are well managed and healthy! If you are having trouble with diagnosis or see unusual fungi near or on your tree, contact us! Unhealthy trees can lead to safety issues and property damage. It’s better to be safe than sorry!