Ever come across a new plant and wonder “What is that?! ” or lose track of your gardening to-do’s? Here is a round up of what we think are the 5 Best Tree Care Apps that can fix your problems! Enthusiasts and professionals will agree that these are all helpful tools that help them with identification, management, and overall care for their plants. Scroll down and take a look!

  1. Leaf Snap
  2. Tree Fungi ID
  3. Garden Mentor
  4. Forest Insect Pests
  5. Tree Care

Tree Care Apps - Angling Brothers Tree Care

Leaf Snap (Apple Only)

Developed by researchers at Columbia University, the University of Maryland, and the Smithsonian Institution, Leaf Snap uses visual recognition software to help identify tree species based on their leaves. The app has the capacity to identify trees in the United States and Canada and provides high quality photos of leaf, flower, fruit, and bark for all of their listed plants. The browse feature allows you to search via first, last, and scientific name. This FREE app provides all of the information needed to identify trees!

Tree Fungi ID

The Fungi Database contains all of the most common types of fungi that arborists are most likely to encounter in the field. This App is super informative and provides a ton of information like: description, mode of decay, significance, location and other general notes.


Garden Mentor

Featured in Gardeners Illustrated as a Must-Have App, Garden Mentor provides an overwhelming amount of information that in beneficial to the gardening enthusiast and professional. With information on nearly 1700 different plant species (and growing), Garden Mentor is one of the leading gardening Apps in the industry. For every plant profile there is information on : plant hardiness, plant care, flower info, leaf info, flowering time, habitat, soil type, propagation, pests, and diseases. The app also has a To-Do List feature where you can add your plants, and the app creates a timeline of to-do’s that you can check off. Cultivate your green thumb with Garden Mentor!


Forest Insect Pests in North America  (Android Only)

This is the perfect guide for specialists to use when identifying common pest insects, understanding their life cycles, and how they damage trees. The App also links you  to further information and as well as other details given at the bottom of each species page. Check out how to identify and protect your trees!

Tree Care App (Android Only)

Tree Care uses Google Maps to orient and display the position of plants and trees on your landscaped terrain. Each tree is recorded with the following information : type, variety, labels and an icon on the map with planting dates. As a user, you’re able to take photos and set tasks for each individual tree. This Apps makes tree management and care a breeze!

Tree Care Apps - Angling Brothers Tree Care

Keep your curb appeal in check and download these apps! They will help you identify, treat, manage, and grow your landscape into something truly beautiful.  All of these are great resources for any horticultural professional or enthusiast!